Open Monday to Friday 08:30 - 15:00; closed Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays. You'll need your passport to exchange travellers cheques. Look for the sign “câmbios”. Commission is charged per transaction regardless of amount.


Clean, reasonably comfortable and cheap. Local services often infrequent by day and non-existent at night. Avoid long, boring journeys within the Algarve by booking express regional services. Good choice of Algarve-Lisbon bus companies and departure times. The Faro-based EVA (info in Portuguese, English, German and Dutch) run good local and regional services, and also frequent services to Lisbon and Spain, and the Rede Nacional de Expressos run a comprehensive national service. Both have good on-line routes and timetables.

Strand Praia do Camilo bei Lagos, Portugal


Austrian 282 416202 Belgian 289 803757
British 282 417800 Canadian 289 803757
Danish 289 805561 Finnish 289 394085
German 289 803148 Dutch 289 20903
Spanish 281 44888 Swedish 282 413311
Norwegian 289 823505    

Lisbon Embassies

Austrian 21 387 4162 Belgian 21 549 263
British 21 396 1191 Canadian 21 347 4892
Danish 21 545 099 Dutch 21 396 1163
French 21 386 0206 German 21 881 0210
Irish 21 396 1569 Norwegian 21 301 5344
South African 21 353 5041> Swedish 21 395 5224
Swiss 21 397 3121> U.S.A. 21 726 6600


Open 09:00 - 13:00; 15:00 - 19:00. One chemist stays open after hours on a rotating basis and the address of the open pharmacy is listed on all other chemists' doors.
Chemists (farmácias) will advise on minor matters. There are reciprocal arrangements within the EU on free treatment in clinics and hospitals. When requesting treatment, show your passport, or an E111 or E112 form. Health clinics (centro de sáude) deal with less serious problems. For emergencies, there are 24-hour hospitals in Faro, Portimão and Lagos. Private doctors (British, German and Dutch as well as Portuguese) will give more personal treatment, but without insurance it can be expensive.


Portugal has the highest road accident rate in Europe. The standard of both road building and driving is much lower than in Northen European countries, and you need to be continually alert and cautious. Be especially aware of vehicles suddenly emerging from side roads, and of maniac overtaking.


High-profile police patrols are becoming ever more vigilant and ever less tolerant of bad driving, speeding and drink driving. Besides risking your life and those of others, you also risk heavy penalties if you break the law.


220 volts AC with Continental two-pin plugs is usual. Earthing can be erratic in older buildings.
It could be that there is no electricity for one or two hours. Don`t woory this is normal and belongs to the portugese life.